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About WA Office Express

You know what’s better than solving a problem?
Avoiding it in the first place!

WA Office Express delivers what you need, when you need it, to help your business run smoothly while avoiding office supply chain kinks.

From printing paper to purchasing new office chairs, our proactive approach saves time and money, taking the hassle out of keeping your office fully supplied.

Think of us as your in-house supply officer… only better.

We deliver to wherever you are – home or business office. Yes, we deliver to residential addresses too!

We take care of your business

From chairs and printer ink to pens and paper, WA Office Express delivers what you need, when you need it, keeping your office running perfectly.

Take the hassle out of office supply admin

No more going to the shops for last-minute items or searching for something that should be there – our proactive approach ensures you’re always good to go.

You CAN always get what you want

WA Office Express’s authentic service ensures you only buy what you actually need for the purpose, with the best range and affordable prices.

Life’s too short for admin

Always professional and personable, we’ll become your utterly reliable supply department – part of the office furniture that we’ve sourced at the best price!

Our Service Advantage


WA Office Express proactive service

We get to know our clients’ exact supply requirements so we can anticipate precisely what needs doing before it needs to be done.

We look at regular buying habits to design supply programs that keep the essentials topped up, while anticipating special items you may need, and eliminating any wastage.

WA Office Express’ buying power, integrity and cost analysis guarantees you the best deal, and our proactive approach ensures you never waste time on admin.

WA Office Express local advantage

Based in Perth’s north, WA Office Express roams all over the city and state, helping small to medium-sized businesses of every type.

Our flexibility and local knowledge allow WA Office Express to offer perfectly tailored, personalised service to every client.

Call us, email us, order online, or tell us in person – however you like to work, we will accommodate your needs.

WA Office Express can help you

WA Office Express is proactive, personable, and professional.

We keep your whole office running, and always look for ways to make the re-supply process exactly right, now and into the future.

So, get in touch… and let’s get it done!

WA Office Express - Stephanie Thiel

Founder Bio

Hi! I’m Stephanie Thiel, the founder and owner of WA Office Express. But just call me Steph.

My mission is to make work life easy for WA business owners.

I do that by sorting out messy office supply chains in an authentic, no fuss way that’s personal, professional and proactive.

I come from the fast-paced world of corporate retail and office supply sales where logistics are tightly organised and everything depends on good relationships.

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For more than 20 years I’ve worked for big names like Australian Envelopes, GNS Wholesale and Sealy of Australia, servicing the needs of major organisations like Rio Tinto, Bankwest and Fortescue Metals Group at the top end of town, whilst also working with corporate resellers and smaller independent resellers of office products in Perth and Melbourne.

Everywhere I’ve worked I’ve always managed to increase market share, slash running costs and win new business, while keeping customers happy.

My style is vibrant, sassy, and always effective – because if you can’t get things done while having fun, what’s the point?

When COVID hit, like many people I took stock of what was important in my life, and knew I wanted a change in career that would also help others.

So when I looked at the state of the office supplies market in WA for small and medium businesses, I knew I had to get my best heels on.

Too many SMEs were placing last minute orders with suppliers, sending their secretaries, receptionists or office managers to the shops for odds and ends, or getting regular deliveries of things they just didn’t need.

And everyone was paying far too much.

So with my experience of getting the best deals and supply efficiencies in the corporate and retail world, I knew I could bring great benefits to small and medium businesses around Perth.

I founded WA Office Express to simplify the work life of every business owner by being the totally reliable, affordable and beneficial solution for office supplies.

My ultimate goal is to have my clients say to me “I don’t know how we did it without you!”

I know how to get the best deals and set up smooth, efficient office supply chains that understand and anticipate your business’ exact needs.

I’m Steph, and as I always like to say “let’s get things done!”


Let’s go shopping!

This is the fun part – a huge range of products available with a just few quick clicks.

WA Office Express has access to a huge range of products at affordable prices from the home brands, to all the big brands like 3M and Acco, to the boutique brands.

So whether you’re after an Artline marker pen, a Spirax notebook, a standing desk or an ergonomic office chair, have a browse and see what you’d like.


WA Office Express gets it done!

WA Office Express works to pinpoint your exact needs, and then sets up an efficient, affordable and totally reliable office supply delivery that keeps your business humming.

Think of our service as like having an in-house supply department.

Here’s how we like to get things done:


Regular office supplies deliveries

Monthly, weekly, or even daily if you’re really busy!

Whatever works best for you, WA Office Express will set up a regularly delivered order of office supplies to keep your stationary cupboard topped up and your staff’s needs fulfilled.

Our proactive approach and regular chats will anticipate your needs perfectly, ensuring you will never run out of the essentials again.

Special orders

Sometimes you will need something extra, like a new stapler, a set of office chairs, or promotional gifts for that yearly fundraiser.

Our huge range of quality office products means we can fulfil any request on top of your regular order.

Our values

We are customer-focused and aim to build good relationships with trust, integrity and authenticity as standard.

We work hard to get you the best deals and hunt down the widest possible range of choices of high quality office products from top manufacturers.

Above all, WA Office Express is all about service with a smile – and having a few laughs too!

WA Office Express


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

And if there’s anything else you’d like to know at all about WA Office Express’ products and services, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

What happens if I need a special item?

No problem! We’ll find and deliver it as soon as possible.

Because we understand that sometimes things just pop up – and we are always ready to pop out and get it.

Can I order things at the last minute?

When you have an office supply chain set up through WA Office Express, we will regularly check in to see how your supplies are going, so there’s no such thing as last minute!

We will work to anticipate your needs and be proactive, so you have what you need, when you need it, always.

Of course, if something does pop up – see question 1.

What happens if my supplies are running low?

We understand that office equipment and supplies can become depleted faster than usual.

Hey, it’s good to be busy, right?!

WA Office Express will always deliver what you need as quickly as possible. We also stay in regular contact to see how things are going, so you never run low.

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll get it – easy!

Do I have to set up a regular order?

Not gonna lie, of course we’d prefer you to!

Regular orders mean we can predict your needs and meet them in a smoother manner.

However, if you want to do a one-off or a sporadic order, we will work with you to make sure you get what you need, when you need it in our proactive, personable and professional way.

And if we do our job well, you might just come back…!

What if I can’t find what I want in the WA Office Express product range?

Our founder Steph loves a challenge – she’s also an expert shopper who could find a bargain blindfolded in a blacked-out department store.

Let us know what you want, and we’ll find it.

What if I find the same item that’s cheaper somewhere else?

Show us and we’ll beat the price.

We are committed to sourcing the best office supplies at best prices for all our clients, providing a valuable service with honesty and integrity.


The gift of feedback

The proof is in the doing, not the telling.

WA Office Express has worked with scores of clients across Perth and around WA, delivering office supply solutions that anticipate and meet every need.

Here’s what our clients say about how we’ve impacted their business life:


Lynn Parkinson

Stephanie was always an attentive and amazing representative for office products.

She always went over and above her duty for any requirements we had, nothing was too much trouble.

She is a true professional, has a friendly manner, and is timely with delivery as well.


Kay Djukic

I worked for a large construction company for many years. I was fortunate enough to have Stephanie Thiel as my supplier of office supplies for the last few years of my working career before retirement.

Steph as I knew her, was very approachable and professional in her manner as she dealt with our company and nothing was too much trouble for her. Steph was very accommodating to all our needs from office furniture to stationary, etc. It didn’t matter if she didn’t have what we were after she would scout around and find the appropriate item for me at the right price.

It was always a pleasure to see Steph call into the office.

Contact Us

WA Office Express is ready to design the perfect office supply chain for your business’ needs.

Just get in touch and we can discuss what you need – phone, email, carrier pigeon, whatever suits you, we’ll make it work.

You’ll love having us as a part of your team and the feeling that comes from knowing that your office supplies are totally sorted.


PO Box 1276
Wangara DC, WA 6947

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